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Neighbors Oppose the Rezoning of 2740 Ruby Ave from RN Zone (R1-5) to Public Quasi Public (PQP) to build a 15,000 sf building

* “NO” to the Rezoning (C20-012) and “NO” Special Use Permit (SP20-24)

* Download links:

  1. Boilerplate Letter for neighbor to use to email the City, Rev 02 – added additional notes about noise, outdoor activities with loud speaker, will be serving alcohol, and desinated smoking area in a DENSE Residential neighborhood, confirming the safety, health concerns in addition to other concerns
  2. Boilerplate Letter for neighbor to use to email the City (please read/add/delete to your personal preference)
  1. Notice of Preparation, ER20-147  (This is the Notice of Preparation NOP for the EIR Study)

June 2, 2021 Community Meeting Summary (nothing-posted from the city as of June 3)

  1. Nick’s second letter (After June 2 meeting)
  1. Nick’s first letter (Before the June 2 meeting)
  1. Special Use Permit, SP20-024 (New drawing set with NO underground)

Rezoning Permit, C20-012 (Rezoning from R1-5 to PQP, nothing online yet)

  1. August 19, 2020 Community Meeting Summary
  1. Conditional Use Permit, CUP-xx     (Original CUP on R1-5 not PQP)

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